NOLA Botanics

New - Expanded Spirit Line

I am so excited to share our new and expanded spirit line with you, to help support you through exquisite and sometimes challenging times. Created in cooperation with communication from the plant kingdom and guidance from Source. Our spirit line will support you in your Soul's Awakening and assist you in aligning with new vibrations and energies, consistently being delivered to the planet.

The line has been specifically designed to help you remove blocks, see a clearer picture of perfection, both within yourself and the world, love yourself more, communicate more clearly in your relationships (seen and unseen) and to ground and intergrate, as you move forward. So, if you are in need of support at this time, I hope you will visit our Spirit line page, and treat yourself to the wisdom and love from the plant kingdom and beyond. Be sure to visit our spirit page often because I will be unveiling new products to support your awakening and intergration and guided by Source as new energies continue to evolve.

With blessing and growth,




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